im tara and i like to draw fanart

i was using faceq and i sort of gOT CARRIED AWAY HAHaa ;; ….. its shepper, thana, miri, raf

airinmyballoon replied to your photo “its me -o-”

woah did you draw this or is it like a character maker thingy

omg no its from an app called faceq

its me -o-

its me -o-

Q: Out of curiosity, do you have a language-friendly spoken umbrella alternative to LGBTQA+ besides 'queer' and 'gay'? I never liked using gay for all of those, and in my area most people use queer, but it would be nice to have an alternative. LGBTQA+ is just a clumsy mouthful when talking. (acacophony)

sorry, but i don’t :( i tend to just use lgbtqa+

Q: Even people who use gender queer as oppossed to non-binary? Why can't we non-hets reclaim it and make it a good word? (Anonymous)

well. just like op said, you can reclaim it and make it a good word for yourself, but that doesn’t mean everyone (me, for example), feels comfortable doing the same, and that should be respected


"queer" is a slur and you shouldn’t use it to describe a whole group even if you’re reclaiming it for yourself



"Isabela would be more concerned with scamming one of you nerds out of their money and the making a quick get away than this nonsense, what character are you thinking about cause it sure as hell isn’t her"

you mean the isabela that while flirting with a male hawke, her first reaction to a female hawke is to WARN her that the hanged man is full of men who won’t respect her boundaries and may try to hurt her

or the isabela that comes back with the tome despite facing near-certain death because hawke is her friend

or the isabela that refused to traffic slaves

or who vehemently defends merrill from criticism from fenris, anders, aveline and even HAWKE

honey you could not be more wrong about the kind of person isabela is

i can’t keep this in i’m sorry rhona i gotta rant

i am so TIRED of this fandom and their absolutely incorrect view of isabela. who think she’s selfish, who think she would rather place a knife in your back and run away than help a friend out.

because it seems to me nobody fucking paid attention to her act 3 dialogue at all, because you actually see that in spite of isabela’s confidence there is somewhere deep inside her that believes she’s a horrible person, aka ‘i’m just a lying, thieving snake’ as she eloquently puts.

do you think isabela would say that, actually sounding ashamed and upset as she says that line to hawke, if she actually was those things??

isabela is so unbelievably kind. she stops nosy guardsmen and nobles from evicting fenris, she defends merrill at every chance she can, she cares and gives advice to bethany, and she doesn’t shame sebastian for his chastity unlike varric and others. she doesn’t even say shit about anders, who on the other hand, loves to slate her whatever chance he can get.

if you even got a chance to know isabela in the game she comes back to save hawke after running away, because she doesn’t want her friend/love to get punished.

do not talk shit about isabela i stg

Q: Hi! I was wondering if you were accepting commissions? I think I saw a post a while back saying that you were, but I can't seem to find it. If so, do you do OCs? I can provide references! If you're not accepting, then sorry for bothering you. Have a lovely day :3 (averagesparrow)


not at the moment, i’m not - sorry! i plan on getting commissions set up soon, though. first, i just have to finish my giveaway art, and then set up a paypal. once that’s out of the way, i’ll probably start doing them ;v;

when i do, however, i’ll definitely be open to drawings ocs (with references, of course)! all i do these days is draw ocs anyways so

have a nice day, too :*


My part of an art trade for a friend featuring her OC Thana beating the piss out of an alien. T’was good anatomy and inking practice!

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