im tara and i like to draw fanart


masyafs replied to your post: these are so fun everyone send me your…

wehh if you aren’t too bogged down i’d love to hear what you think abt what i’d be! /tagged/me :*


*blows kisses to everyone who replied to my earlier post* thank you i feel a lot better now and reading what you guys said really helped i love you all

first half of Guen 2 is now playable


So… Christmas is early, but you only get half of your presents.

Now that I’ve completely recovered from my illness, I’ve realized that there’s no way I can finish Guen 2 by the end of the year like I’d hoped. So I’ve gone ahead and uploaded the first half (scenes 1-7). Sorry for the lack of narrative closure, but I hope you enjoy what’s there. I’m still working steadily on the second half, just don’t know how long it will take.

You heard it here first. Unless you’re on the CoG forum, or following someone who is, in which case you maybe heard it here second. Anyway. I’m going to put a post on the newarcana blog tomorrow probably.

The link is still the same. Thanks, as always, for playing! Feedback is very much appreciated.

i was using faceq and i sort of gOT CARRIED AWAY HAHaa ;; ….. its shepper, thana, miri, raf

airinmyballoon replied to your photo “its me -o-”

woah did you draw this or is it like a character maker thingy

omg no its from an app called faceq

its me -o-

its me -o-

Q: Out of curiosity, do you have a language-friendly spoken umbrella alternative to LGBTQA+ besides 'queer' and 'gay'? I never liked using gay for all of those, and in my area most people use queer, but it would be nice to have an alternative. LGBTQA+ is just a clumsy mouthful when talking. (acacophony)

sorry, but i don’t :( i tend to just use lgbtqa+

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