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hey hey hey im tara and i like to draw fanart!


Hey! I finally made an art blog! So if you’d like to, check it out (and maybe give it a follow if you like what you see)! 

I posted a bunch of old art to make it less barren, but there’s some new stuff there, too! 

Rabbit Heart (Raise It Up)
Florence + the Machine


rabbit heart (raise it up) // florence + the machine

this is a gift, it comes with a price
who is the lamb and who is the knife?
midas is king and he holds me so tight
and turns me to gold in the sunlight


white ppl calling themselves two-spirited :/ :/ :/ :/

… She’s sassy, she’s a little trashy. She likes the dirty jokes. But she’s very distinct from someone like Isabella. She’s very different. She’s much more for the people, about the common good. And when you have a whole party of people that are kind of like Lords and Ladies, she has her own kind of network of spies and stuff that she relies upon that are completely different from anyone else. Meaning that her demeanour, her attitude is kinda like a breath of fresh air in the Inquisition. Everyone is like very serious and then she comes along and is like, ‘I bought you a hat!’
Mike Laidlaw on Sera (via turianfetish)


Don’t try bacon flavoured gum

everyone should try bacon flavoured gum



psa: there’s no ‘good’ templars. 

nobody who willingly contributes, be it direct participation or of support and loyalty, to oppression is ‘good’. 

unless they are actively working to dismantle this system of oppression, (in which case they have betrayed the order anyway) a templar is not ‘good’.

i don’t care about their reasoning, i don’t care if they feel sympathy for mages; they are still remaining loyal, therefore they’re supporting oppression and they’re not ‘good’


my lil bro’s been using the computer that i draw on lately so have some sketchbook stuff



woahO i hit a milestone so hey lets do an art giveaway yeha

the rules:

  • starts july 14th and ends on july 28th
  • i’ll be choosing 3 winners using a random number generator
  • likes and reblogs count!
  • you must be following me! new followers are welcome ;v;
  • no giveaway blogs
  • keep your askbox open so i can message you if you win! if you dont respond in 48 hours, i’ll pick a new winner

the priiiiiiiiiiize:

  • 1st place - a waist-up drawing of 1 or 2 characters of your choice! in colour! woah
  • 2nd place - a waist-up drawing of 1 character of your choice! also in colour!
  • 3rd place - a bust of 1 character of your choice! in one colour!

what i’ll draw:

  • any humanoid characters! (if you want me to draw stuff like a turian or a khajiit tho, be warned that i may not be very….good at it lol)
  • if your character isn’t from a fandom that i know about and/or if they’re an oc, i’ll need references and (preferably) a run-down of their personality!!
  • check out my art tag for more examples of what i’ve drawn B)

thank you and good luck!! u 3u