hey hey hey im tara and i like to draw fanart!
Anonymous asked:
ohh gotcha! From that post going around with him and hurting the F!Warden I thought there was a bit in DA:I where he met them. Was confused, thanks!

anytime!! i glad i could clear things up for you :*

Anonymous asked:
Sorry if this is random, but the post you reblogged about Cullen, he meets the mage F!Warden at some point? Is it in Inquisition or?..

he does, in da:o! cullen talks to the mage warden, regardless of their gender, during the magi origin. (male wardens talk to him but only female wardens get the ‘romance’ lines. at least, that’s what i think??)

anyhoo, after you go through the harrowing. you pass him in the hallway and have the option to talk to him. 


Because I see that quote from Sheryl Chee about Cullen’s possible encounter with f!mage Warden being “very quick, very violent” going around and no attributed source, I’m going to post it here, along with the quotes for anyone who doesn’t want to read through the Bioware forum thread.

Source. Quotes under the cut.

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art giveaway winners!

so i’ve generated the winners for my art giveaway!! they are:

first place - dalishstoryteller (1-2 characters, waist up, full colour)

second place - asolitaryrose (1 character, waist up, full colour)

third place - pavvus (1 character, bust, monochrome)

the winners have 48 hours to answer to the asks i sent them (or reply to this post w/e) before i choose a new winner.

thank you to all who participated!! :*